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Кусанов Серикбай Клышбаевич

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Кафедра казахской литературы и теории литературы
       Kusanov Serikbai began his scientific and pedagogical activity in 1991 as a teacher of the Kazakh language department of the Kazakh State Women's Institute. In 1998 he entered the department of manuscript and textual criticism of the Institute of Literature and Art named after V.I. M.O. Auezov of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the position of junior researcher. From 2004 to 2006 he worked as a researcher in the department of ancient literature of the institute, and since September 2006 he was appointed chief researcher of the institute and head of the department of manuscripts and electronic systematization. In 2005 S.Kusanov successfully defended his dissertation on the topic “Literary heritage of Bazar Zhyrau Ondasuly (Akynskaya tradition, genre, poetics)” in Kazakh literature. 2003-2005 he worked in the department "Ancient Literature" and participated in the implementation of the fundamental research project "Literature of the Ancient Turkic Period and the Middle Ages". The research results were included in the ten-volume "History of Kazakh Literature" in volumes 2 (2006) and volume 3 (2008), prepared by the Institute of Literature and Art named after M.O. Auezov. In 2009-2011, he led a three-year research project, “Problems of the Idea of Independence in Zhyrau's Poetry,” and wrote the separate chapters and foreword for this project. In 2006-2010 S.Kusanov was the chief editor of the 100-volume series “Words of the Ancestors” in 25-63 volumes. In 2013, at the invitation of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Textbook" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he became a scientific expert on textbooks and teaching aids for secondary schools, on subjects of folklore and Turkic studies at the Republican Republican School. And also was an expert in these subjects at the Testing Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2020-2021. In the 2014-2015 academic year, S.Kusanov gave a lecture to doctoral students "Ancient Türkic literature" at the Center for Postgraduate Education "Gylym Ordasy". From 2010 to 2017 he was in charge of the Department of Ancient and Medieval Literature. His monographs “Balky bazaar zhyrau” (2012), “Typology of ancient Turkic literature” (2014), “Eurasian Turks: literary and cultural dialogue” (2016), as well as the translation of the Turkic inscription “Tazkire-i Bugra Khan” (2007).
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КазГУ им. С.М. Кирова Высшее 1991
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Principles of Comparative Studying of Literatures
СӨЖ әдістемелік көрсеткіш


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