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Кудайбергенова Гульбакыт Кализатовна

Position Ст.пpеподаватель
Кафедра Ближнего Востока и Южной Азии
       Kudaibergenova Gulbahyt Kalizatovna born on January 25, 1969. Since 1989 to 1994 studied at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Kazakh National University named Al-Farabi and graduated and received Bachelor degree in the Iranian studies, Persian literature and language , also, Kazakh language and literature. Since 2011-2015, I studied for Doctrine degree at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of the University of Tehran (Iran) and received a PhD certificate. Since 1994 until now, I am a senior lecturer at the Department of the Middle East and South Asia, the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
First higher education
Educational institution Квалификация Expiration date
КазНУ им. аль-Фараби Высшее 1994


Кудайбергенова Гульбакыт Кализатовна /«Руми маснавиіндегі адамның өзін-өзі тану ілімі». 2011 - г. 3 - стр. 0


Кудайбергенова Гульбакыт Кализатовна «Шахнамедегі «Рүстем мен Исфандияр»дастаны». 2012 - г. 6 - стр. 0
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