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       She was born on January 10, 1965 in the Kyzylorda region. 1983-1988. She entered the N. V. Gogol Kyzylorda Pedagogical Institute at the Music and Pedagogical Faculty, graduated with a degree in "music teacher, teacher-methodologist". In 1992-1997, he studied at ASU. Abaya at the Faculty of Kazakh Philology, specialty "teacher of the Kazakh language and literature". He graduated from the postgraduate course of the Kazakh Academy of Education named after I. Altynsarin. In the 1988-1989 academic year, he worked at the children's music school of the village of U.Tuktibayev. Since 1989, she worked as a teacher of music, Kazakh language and literature and deputy director of the school for educational work in Almaty Gymnasium School No. 123. In 2003-2005, she worked as a senior researcher, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Socialization of Personality at the Altynsarin Kazakh Academy of Education. In 2005-2007, she worked as the head of the laboratory at the Institute "Social and Gender Research" of the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University, taught at the Department of General Pedagogy. About 30 private and author's associations have monographs, textbooks for students and undergraduates, methodological manuals and programs for teachers and educators of schools, parents. About 250 articles published at international scientific and practical conferences and in international, republican scientific and pedagogical journals. The winner of the grant "The best teacher of the university-2015". Editor of the international journal "Journal of Institute of economic development and social research" (IKSAD journal) from Turkey. From 2005 to 2020, he worked at the Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University. He worked as the dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, the Faculty of Art and Culture. The author of the concept of the special course "Kazakh aruy" of the university and taught this discipline to students. Since the 2020-2021 academic year-Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Management of Education of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Corresponding member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Education (2014), academician of the Kazakh Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (2019).
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