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Манабаев Багдат Маханович

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Кафедра Ближнего Востока и Южной Азии
       Full name Manabayev Bagdat Mahanuly (21.02.1980) E-mail / phone / 87756060000/87470813-9348 Education: Higher 2000-2003 yy. Specialty of Arabic language at the International Kazakh-Arab College “Taiba” in Almaty 2003-2006 yy. Specialty of Philology, Egyptian University of Islamic Culture “Nur-Mubarak” (Arabic-English) 2007-2009 yy. Master of Philological sciences, Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University 2009-2011 yy. Bachelor of Religious Studies at the University of Foreign languages and Business Academic experience 2007-2016 yy. Teacher in “Arabic and English languages” department at the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture “Nur-Mubarak” 2016-2019 yy. Disciplines: 1. Foreign language. 2. Professional oriented foreign language. 3. Phonetics of Arabic language. 4.The theory of grammer Arabic language. 2018-2021 yy. Head of the “Arabic and English languages” department Educational semester Full working time Previous places of work in educational organizations: 2010-2013 yy. Deputy dean on education at the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture “Nur- Mubarak” Professional skills 13.02.2015-20.02.2015 1. “Development of Arabic language textbooks for different levels”. // Egyptian cultural center. Almaty, 72 h. 09.01.2018-15.01.2018 2. Courses on professional development named “Білім беру жүйесіндегі оқытудың интербелсенді әдістері”. // EUIC Nur-Mubarak. Almaty, 72 h. 15.08.2018-29.08.2018 3. “ Prevention of professional burnout syndrome of teachers in the educational process ”. // EUIC Nur-Mubarak. Almaty, 108 h. 26.01.2019 4. Courses on professional development named “Заманауи білім берудің әдіс- тәсілдері”. // Research center of educational and information technologies. Almaty, 72 h. 16.02.2019-23.02.2019 5. “Modern methods of teaching the Arabic language” // EUIC Nur- Mubarak. Almaty, 72 h. Membership in professional organizations 2018-2019 Member of the Scientific Council at EUIC Nur-Mubarak 2020-2022 Member of International Association of Arabic Departments Awards 2012 y. 1. Letter of gratitude from head of Almaty Youth policy department. 2014 y. 2. Letter of gratitude from rector of EUIC Nur-Mubarak, academician M.F. Hijazi 2018 y. 3. Letter of gratitude from rector of EUIC Nur-Mubarak, Zh.A.Basyuni 2018 y. 4. Letter of gratitude from Mufti, сhairman of SBMK 2020-2021 5. Letter of gratitude from rector of EUIC Nur-Mubarak, M.SH. Zhindy Scientific publications І. Scient
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