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Кудабаева Мадина Амирбековна

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Solid state physics and nonlinear physics
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       I, Kudabayeva Madina Amirbekovna, was born in 1990 on February 28, in the Karaganda region, in the city of Zhezkazgan. Father, Kudabaev Amirbek Tabyldyuly was a miner, mother - Tulesheva Zauresh Kunedilovna worked as a senior teacher at Zhezkazgan University named after O. Baikonurov. There is a younger brother, Tabyldy Agibay Amirbekuly, born in 1992. In 1996 she went to the first grade at the school named after S. Seifullin in the city of Satpayev and graduated in 2006. In school she was engaged in dancing, playing the dombra and debating. In 2006 she entered the Al-Farabi KazNU at the Faculty of Physics and Technology with a degree in Materials Science and Technology of New Materials, graduated with honors in 2010 and received a bachelor's degree in engineering and technology. 2009-2010 received a Presidential scholarship, and was also the chairman of the "Sunkar" trade union at the faculty and actively participated in student events. In 2009 she visited the USA under the student program "Work and Travell". In 2011 she entered the magistracy of KazNU named after al-Farabi in the specialty "Physics", graduated in 2013 with excellent marks and received a master's degree in natural sciences. In 2012, she took a scientific internship at the Malaysian Technological University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and studied for academic mobility for 1 semester at Kaunas Technical University, Lithuania. In 2018, she entered doctoral studies in the specialty "Materials Science and Technology of New Materials" and graduated in 2021. I participate in the scientific project NNLOT. Since 2015 I have been working as a senior lecturer at the Department of Solid State Physics and Nonlinear Physics. I teach in the following disciplines: Optics, Vector and Raster Graphics, Semiconductor Physics, Renewable Energy Device, Photovoltaic and Collector Devices, Condensed Matter Physics. In 2014 I got married and have 3 children. Bakhytuly's spouse Nauryzbek works as a researcher at the Institute of Metallurgy and Beneficiation. Daughters Asem are 7 years old, Asilym 5 years old and Tomiris 2 years old.
First higher education
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КазНУ им. аль-Фараби Высшее 2010


Кудабаева Мадина Амирбековна Толеуов Г.., Исатаев С.И., Исатаев М.С. 2012 - г. 5 - стр. Алматы, КазНУ им.аль-Фараби
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