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Абишев Талгат Булатович

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General and inorganic chemistry
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       Ph.D in chemistry Date of birth 1978, 10 October, Almaty Education: Has with distinction finished a bachelor degree (1999) and a magistracy (2001) chemical faculty of Al-Farabi KazSU on a speciality "chemistry". In 2010 has protected Ph. D the dissertation on competition of the academic degree « Philosophy Doctor» (Ph. D.) by the specialty Radiochemistry, Radiobiology and Radiation Ecology, on a theme «Radiological situation the Shu river valley of the southern Kazakhstan and adjacent territory of Kyrgyzstan» Work: 2001-2007 – the National nuclear center, Institute of nuclear physics, department of applied physics, the engineer of laboratories low- radiations. 2007-2010 – the doctoral candidate, the assistant, the teacher of the cathedral of inorganic chemistry KazSU of Al-Farabi. Since 2010 – the assistant to the dean on educational work of chemical faculty KazSU of Al- Farabi. Pedagogical activity: Reads lectures, holds seminars and laboratory researches on the next subjects: «Chemistry of elements», «Inorganic chemistry», «Theoretical bases of inorganic chemistry », «The Decision of problems on chemistry», «Chemistry of nonmetals» etc. Scientific activity: Area of scientific researches: radiochemistry, radioecology, radiating biology, radioactive elements. 2004-2005 work of the project of ISTC К-749 « Research and systematization of «hot» particles of soils in the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site» 2007-2009 work under the project of MNTTS К-1474 «Environmental impact of the natural uranium deposits and technological works of uranium extraction and processing on the transboundary regions of the river Shu valley in the Southern Kazakhstan and adjacent region of Kyrgyzstan» 2008 training on Ph. D to proscale in university of Sciences of Life (Oos, Norway)
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