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Шаронова Елизавета Михайловна

Лауазымы: доцент м.а.
философия кафедрасы
Файл атауы Тақырыбы Сипаттамасы
Ғылым тарихы мен философиясы
Ғылым тарихы мен философиясы
John Losee (1993) A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. Oxford: Oxford UP.
Ғылым тарихы мен философиясы
This course introduces you to the scope of the History and Philosophy of Science, the discipline in which the concepts and theories of the sciences are analysed and clarified. Using a flipped classroom method of teaching, we will develop a personal framework for defining and analyzing the nature of science; what characteristics distinguish scientific inquiry from other types of investigation; how theories explain; how they are confirmed; what procedures should scientists follow in investigating nature; what conditions must be satisfied for a scientific explanation to be correct; and the moral dilemmas raised by the sciences. The lecturer will regularly assign readings from various academic sources, newspapers, as well as popular movies, TV and radio programs.
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