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       I am Akylbek Turmukhambetov, Kazakh, born on February 8th, 1946 in Burli village of Karabalyk district, Kostanai region. In 1963 I graduated from Kazakh section of Burli secondary school with Golden Medal and was admitted to the Physics Department of the S.M.Kirov Kazakh State University (KazSU). In 1968 I was admitted to the graduate school in KazSU, which I completed in 1973 after serving in the Army. From February 1973 until August 2004 I worked different jobs in E.A.Buketov KarSU: senior lecturer, associate professor, head of Chairs: Theoretical Physics, Thermal Physics, Common and Theoretical Physics, head of Department Physics. I was involved in many activities beyond teaching: elected Chairman of Department Union, member of Department Party Committee, Chairman of Regional Teaching Assessment Board. For many years by appointment of the Ministry of Education I was the Chairman of Committee and Head Juror for National Physics Olympiad "Student and Techno-science Development". In 1974, upon successful presentation of a dissertation I was awarded Candidate of Science degree. In 2002 I was awarded a Doctorate degree after presenting a dissertation on "Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heating Engineering". In 2006 I was appointed as a professor in Physics. In 1980-1981 (9 months) I did academic internship in Italy. Several times I went through qualification studies in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Retraining. From 2004 till 2008 I worked as Director for Republican Center for Retraining and Qualification K.I.Satpaev Kaz NRTU. In 2008-2018 I worked as professor or depar- tments: "Common and Theoretical Physics", "Operation of Space DDevices", "Energy". Starting September 2018 I am working as a professor at the Al-Farabi KazNU. I am the Honorary Professor of the E.A.Buketov Kar SU, Honorary educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan, full member of Kazakh National Academy of Natural Science. I hold A.Baitursynov medal, Honors Diploma from the Ministry of Science and Education (2014 - for leading students), Honors Letters from the Ministry of Science and Education, Honors Letters from the president of the K.I.Satpaev Kaz NRTU (2016). I have authored and co-authored more than 120 publications, including 1 text- book in Kazakh, approved by the MSE of Kazakhstan, 2 study guides and 2 monographs in Kazakh and Russian. I hold a Certificate for Intellectual Property for e-textbook "Mechanics".


Турмухамбетов Акылбек Журсунович X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Silicon Nanoparticales and Nanowires 2018 - г. 6 - стр. 9


Турмухамбетов Акылбек Журсунович Жанабаев З.Ж., Гревцева Т.Ю., Серикбаев А.А. 2019 - г. 6 - стр. Самара
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Nonlinear analysis of the degree of order and chaos of morphology of porous silicon nanostructures

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